Why Soom Business Education About Us
Use Soom to connect with the video-conferencing software
that works best for you.

What can I do with SOOM?

Online Education

Lift the limitations of space,
time, and environment.

Business Cooperation

Launch video conferences to
communicate with partners.

Personnel Training

Office type of templates help
to build corporate cultures.

Popularization of Science

Real shots and animation help to
convey information vividly.

Product Marketing

A more intuitive way to present
features of products.

Enterprise Recruitment

Get a more efficient and wider
way of recruitment.

School Education

Virtual backgrounds make your
speech more interesting.

How SOOM works?

Select a presentation template

SOOM offers huge amount of fascinating presentation templates.
Select a style that suits you best and get started now.


Replace the contents in template

After selecting the presentation template, you can add into it scene pages,
pictures, texts and other elements to prepare in advance what you want
to present in your video conference.


Click start the video conference

Open the third-party video conference APP
After entering the meeting, click “open the camera” down below
Select “Soom VCamera”, and you can have access to SOOM scenes.

How'r other people sharing ideas with SOOM?
Meeting on promoting the establishment of subsidary in Singapore

Experience SOOM Now

SOOM is to change your way of presentation
from now on.

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